Design Pine advantages

What makes Design Pine stand out from the rest?

  • Prefinished with genuine Primer
  • Directly apply topcoats
  • Engineered timber products
  • Defect free boards
  • External glue system
  • Preserved with Organic Biocides
  • Greater dimensional stability
  • 25 year preservative warranty
  • Plantation grown timber
  • Easy to use

Why Choose timber?

Timber is the only renewable building material, and Design Pine comes from plantation forests. Trees absorb greenhouse gases during growth while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere and storing carbon as wood fibre. Timber also uses little energy to produce as compared with other building materials.

Material Fossil fuel energy Used in production MJ/m3 Carbon released Kg/m3 Carbon stored Kg/m3
Timber 750 15 250
Steel 266,000 5,320 0
Concrete 4,800 120 0
Aluminium 1,100,000 22,000 0