Installation guides

FAQ Guide

All the questions you may need answered about what it is, the environments benefits, how to use it, handle it and install Design Pine.

Refer the installation Guidelines for more detailed instructions.

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Cladding Installation Guide

An in depth look at all necessary steps required to a successful installation of Design Pine weatherboards. Happy Building

Message to builders and painters

Prior to installing or finishing Design Pine there are some key fundamental points to consider to the maximum life and performace of the product.

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Project Designs Pergola 3.0x6.0x2.7 N2

Timber sizes needed and a cutting list for lengths required

Panel Installation

This detailed guide covers the installation of a range on panelling products and in applicable for the installation of the following products.

Design Pine Shiplaps & Design Pine Eaves Linings

Eaves lining Installation guide

A step by step guide to the installation of a stunning eaves lining board, Happy building!

Project Designs Pergola 3.0x3.0x2.7 N2

Timber sizes needed and a cutting list for lengths required

Project Designs Pergola 6.0x6.0x2.7 N2

Timber sizes needed and a cutting list for lengths required

Project Designs Pergola 4.2x6.0x2.7 N2

Timber sizes needed and a cutting list for lengths required

Technical information

Resin bleed rectification

Timber is a natural product and resin bleed may occur if the board's temperature becomes elevated, via ambient air temperature or surface temperature from being painted a dark colour.

Identifiable board markings

Each individual board bigger in profile than 66x18 will have a end tag attached, this end tag explains the processes that board has had applied in manufacturing to ensure compliance to the Australian Standards.

External Cladding information

This document is written by NAFI (national association of forest industries) cover all elements of the installation of timber weatherboards.

Design Pine adhesive guide

This document is an overview of the current Australian standards pertaining to the adhesives used in the manufacture of finger-jointed and or laminated timber products (i.e. Design Pine).

Specification Details

Read, download and print the Design Pine Material Safety Data Sheet. This document contains the Design Pine Primer Material Safety Data Sheet from Resene Paints, and LOSP Timber Treatment Material Safety Data Sheet from Koppers Arch.

Specification Details

Written for site supervisors / builders as a cheat sheet to ensure they follow installation & handling guidelines for Design Pine

Colour and Information Chart

This colour chart offers guidance when selected a paint colours destined for Design Pine products. The recommended light reflectance value (LRV) for paint colours should be greater than 30%.

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Weatherboard Wall Heights

This document shows the layout for all Design Pine Weatherboards, this includes the cover and appearance of each board.

Formaldehyde Report

A report from Intertek Probe with a detailed analysis of formaldehyde levels in a structural Design Pine beam.

Timber Design & Durability Booklet

Best industry practices for maximum performance for using timber products in exposed applications.