Our Guarantee to Long-Lasting, Quality Exterior Pine

Design Pine quality exterior timber is ideal for exterior and above-ground use, featuring built-in protection and treated with primer to ensure resistance to fungal decay and termite attack. This resistance is a guarantee with all our products, provided all timber is properly installed. We understand the worries and concerns of choosing a natural wooden timber for exterior projects, which is why we’ve treated our for above-ground (H3) use ensuring superior quality for longer.

Exterior and above ground timber products

Builders and tradesmen should note and understand that these circumstances are not included in the guarantee:

  • Deterioration or damage to Design Pine outdoor timber due to causes other than fungal decay or termites;
  • Shrinkage, swelling, splits and other inherent physical properties of wood itself;
  • Minor damage that does not affect the structural or functional capacity of wood products;
  • Improper use or installation of Design Pine above ground exterior pine;
  • Wood products that are not installed in accordance with installation guidelines.

For more information on limitations and terms and conditions, please get in touch with the Design Pine team and we can outline everything included in the exterior pine guarantee.

Assured quality for your project

There are a number of uses for our quality exterior timber, including cladding, fascia, window and door reveals, fence pickets, deck bearers, posts, pergolas and other similar outdoor structures. If you are interested in finding out more about our trusted and treated pine, get in touch with your nearest stockist today. We are happy to help you start your new project.

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