Pergola Designs and Building Plans for Our Valued Customers

If you are wondering how to build a pergola, whether for a trade project or a private job, we’re able to guide you through the process with our free pergola building plans.

Welcome to Design Pine Projects, we have taken the hassle out of designing your simple pergola as we have done all the work. The attached plan specifies the timber sizes needed and a cutting list for lengths required.

The specified project has been designed for use in following location:

  • Wind Zone – N2
  • Maximum roof load – Light Roof (10kg/m2) – Steel sheet roof with battens

The design of the timber components has been carried out in accordance with the relevant Australian standards.

All consents, construction methods and connections are to be in accordance of the Australian building code or local authorities. Some connections and foundations may require additional specific design. Design Pine uses an organic preservation system to H3, this makes it ideal for all above ground exterior applications, but is not to be put in direct contact with the ground surface or embedded in the ground.

Build a sturdy pergola using Design Pine

The best way to assure a quality structure and design is to start with quality materials. A great building plan and a good team won’t work unless your timber is top-quality and durable. Design Pine is treated, eco-friendly timber that excels in the competitive timber market, assuring the best job for whatever project.

Below is the list of all the timber requirements to construct this plan. The ‘cut for plan’ column outlines what each piece needs to be cut to suit this plan and the ‘Kit Contains’ column shows what Design Pine you will receive in order to make your cuts with minimal waste. Take a look at our free pergola building plans today, and get in touch with the team if you have any other questions.